Friday News Clippings 8 June 2012

Things have been really busy around here, and writing has caught the brunt of it, truly falling off the side of the desk. I’m not going to make any promises here, but I hope to pick things up a bit again over the coming weeks. To kick this off, I thought I’d share some links […]

Simple Water

This weekend, I had a discussion with a colleague in the water and wastewater industry about technologies and ideas for upgrades to an existing treatment plant. “I told them that they were nuts to be considering slow-sand filtration when the technologies are out there such as membrane filtration”, he said. I held my tongue. While […]

Stormwater Retrofitting

Some of the best stormwater improvements can be made by retrofitting existing facilities to increase performance. These videos offer a simple look at the concepts and methodology behind retrofitting. See Part 2 See Part 3

For-Profit Water in Winnipeg

Image via Wikipedia The City of Winnipeg, Manitoba has decided to dissolve it’s water and waste water departments and form a stand alone utility. During the final council meeting before the summer break, Winnipeg’s elected officials voted 10-6 to create a new city-owned agency that will assume responsibility for water treatment, sewage treatment and garbage […]

Rain Barrels

The idea of collecting water from the roof of our home elicits some primeval response related to survival – we need water, we need security, it is natural to want to be able to grow things. The crazy suburban fiesta of the past 40 or 50 years has removed us from the realities of food and survival, with centralization and expansion of everything being the theme of the era.

Water Suppliers and Health

One of the highlights of the BCWWA Conference I just returned from was a discussion about the ethics of water treatment and the frameworks that decisions such as this are made in. With a presentation from two Interior Health officials, the discussion and points raised gave us all plenty to consider on the ethics of our business – I did record this session and it is attached to this post.

Revitalizing a Slow Sand Filter

Last week we replaced the sand in two of the filters in the Rossland Water Treatment Plant. This is a slow sand filter system and the sand hasn’t required refilling since the plant was comissioned over a decade ago. The method used to place the sand is fast and efficient use of labor, with minimal […]