Powering Down

Part of the Transitions Network program is a series of courses called “Skilling Up for Powering Down”. One of the challenges is convincing people that there is value in preparing for a power-down scenario. If you read the news or watch TV – youd’ be forgiven for assuming that the world is already well on track to replacing petroleum products with wind power and hybrid vehicles. As my dad, who was in advertising, always said, don’t believe everything you read – or see on TV.

Wind Power Rustlers

The battle for land to place turbines on is heating up in Wyoming, with locals having little trust in the secretive salesman approach from the developers. From the developer’s perspective, there’s a lot more opportunity out there now with transmission  lines being planned as well. A Land Rush in Wyoming Spurred by Wind Power – […]


I am writing this post on a state of the art machine able to transmit information across the world at the click of a button. Twenty years ago this technology was only available to people in research facilities, the military and universities – now it is ubiquitous. I can speak to family members in Australia […]