The Permafrost Thaws

Article corrected 23rd March 2011. An article from Canada‚Äôs North this week may have slipped under the radar due to the high profile of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear risks that are gripping Japan. Recent studies indicate the permafrost of the southern Arctic is deteriorating at an alarming rate. In some regions of what […]

Almost a Winter Harvest

Our experiment to leave some crops in the ground failed pretty miserably so far. Just when we needed to feed the masses, I went out to the garden, dug down through the snow, then through the hay… and struck rock hard frozen soil. I actually pried out a carrot that was about 3 inches diameter, […]

OverWintering Vegetables

With the first frost comes the need to harvest most vegetables. Our cold room is stacked with fruit and vegetables chilling out till it’s time to be eaten. Some vegetables can be overwintered in the garden , but there are a few steps to managing the crops that are left out in the cold. This […]

Fall Philosophy

Fall – This time of year and this weather makes me feel restless. Writing becomes harder, it’s as though my philosophy becomes cloudy – as the rain falls and snow graces the peaks, my mind wishes for hibernation.

Preserving the Harvest

Food means survival. Our ancestors knew this, they spent much of the year working in fields or gardens growing food for the household. The shift from self-reliance to consumerism has been recent in the history of humanity, to the point where whole Cities are thousands of miles removed from the majority of food that is […]