Historical Mining in Rossland on Google Earth

Technology changes everything, in this case, it brings an old map to life. My job as a City Engineer takes me into the past quite often, and the ability to use historical mapping as a tool to determine the cause of issues today can be quite important. Since Google Earth and Google Maps have been …

Google Street View Now in the Kootenays

The Street View is only available on the Highways throughout the West Kootenays, but in larger centres such as Kelowna, Spokane, WA and Cranbrook, (as well as all the big cities), all streets have been photographed and input into the software.

Richard Florida Tweets About Unemployment

or… “why I love the stripped-down, bite-sized chunks that Twitter can serve up” [easy-retweet] [ad#468] You either love it or you hate it. A series of Tweets like this is why I can learn to love it. These are interesting states that I don’t need to spend 5 minutes reading a newspaper article about. There’s …

Municipal Internet Services and the Curse of Technological Promises

From 2005 onward, many communities across the western world talked of Municipal Broadband or WIFI and drew up plans, usually with the assistance of a willing communications consultant to provide a technological hub or backbone for the community. As an egalitarian ideal, it sounded great, but the promise lacked substance and in most communities has failed.

Iran and Twitter

People have suggested that Twitter is a time-waster, and for the majority of us it probably is. But for the people in Iran, this is one of the only means of having their voices heard by the rest of the world as their society crumbles. That is not a waste of time.

IntenseDebate Plugin

Comments are one of the features of a blog that make or break the user’s experience. Yesterday I upgraded my comments system in WordPress to utilize a plugin and service called IntenseDebate. This is a decision to allow greater flexibility in visitors’ ability to comment, track comments, and reply to comments by email rather than …

Twittering Canada’s Federal Budget

Canada’s Federal Budget is rolling in, and one of the best ways to get a glimpse of the picture is through Twitter. @CBCNews just posted a number of “updates” on their Twitter Feed, which I thought made for a fun image. In TweetDeck you can set up groups of similar feed, in the image, I …