Twitter for Municipalities

I’m a twitterer. I’m bored of the monologue style of media that still dominates the old school thinking. Telling people what you want them to hear with no easy opportunity for dialog is so 90’s.   That’s why I think it is essential for municipalities to embrace social media and build participation in the demographics that are […]

GTD with Nirvana

GTD, or “Getting Things Done” is about the only way that I can stay on top of the multitude of tasks and projects that I am responsible for. Having a smooth online system is pretty key to improved productivity. For me it’s not about it being the only system, but one that compliments my index card based system.

The most promising software in recent months is Nirvana, which has been rolling out the features and listens to the community of users through blog posts and forums. Check out this video for a glimpse of the basic set of features…

Municipal Risk Management

A recent BC court case confirmed my belief that inadequate design should not be managed with "cover your ass" signage. Some of the quotes below serve as an excellent case study for understanding the relationship between a municipal engineering design, the designer and the municipality regarding safety and risk management. The case, Lovely v Kamloops […]

Social Unrest and Monetary Mischief in 2010

How is it that reports like this are not splashed as headlines across the globe? The UK's Telegraph actually published this, (and just before Christmas! How dare they!)… In a sombre report on the outlook for next year, [Moody's,] the credit rating agency raised the prospect that future tax rises and spending cuts could trigger […]

Variables and Risk

Identify the variables that pose the greatest risk of failure for the project and develop contingency plans for them. Sometimes the best option is to remove the variable altogether, (make it an external issue – outsource it, so it is someone else’s problem to manage), other times the risk can be managed by internal policies […]

Tungle – the Scheduling Lifesaver

Image by [ r ? c e y t ? y ] {I br?ke for bokeh} via Flickr If you’d seen my desk lately, you’d understand how I feel about organization – I need it, but it doesn’t come easy. I’ve written previously about Xobni, another Outlook addin that helps sift through email madness, now […]

Castlegar Caught in the Middle

To catch everyone up on the story, Celgar, a subsidiary of Mercer International, runs the pulp mill locoated way out on the north western extremity of the City’s boundary, alongside the now closed Interfor lumber mill on the banks of the Columbia River at Hugh Keenlyside Dam.