Corporate Mythologies

It’s hard to imagine a life without the comforts and conveniences of oil – yet we are told every day that there is a brighter future ahead, one where the sheets on the line glow white in the summer breeze, where cars will run on hydrogen, and where the flooring in you’re McMansion won’t give your children autism. We are being lied to folks – the people who are actually telling it how it is are being regarded as wackos, everyone else thinks that corporate America is the model that will save the world.

BSC2009 – Growing a Sustainable Economy – Coro Strandberg

Coro Strandberg presented the corporate and institutional sustainability perspective to the conference delegates of the Building Sustainable Communities Conference. Drivers of the New Economy Government Supply Chain Consumers Board Governance Employers


Image by tiarescott via Flickr THE meeting spills over into its second hour. We are discussing an employee productivity initiative. At the moment, our most talkative committee member is describing a similar effort at another company. Her descriptions are peppered with self-consciously clever turns of phrase and images. Another participant chimes in with the idea …

The Loud Customer

The term customer is used frequently in marketing circles. In the local government and service sectors it is often shoved to the back of consciousness that it’s people that you are dealing with. For engineering and design companies, the customer is called the “client”, and I’m not sure if that’s because there are typically fewer …

Monitoring Your Performance – The Future?

We all hate it when our boss is leaning over our shoulder while he waits for us to do some task on the computer, it’s like we suddenly become mouse clumsy, or our typing skills resemble those of a five year old. Well, if Microsoft get’s its way, the future of monitoring staff will become easier for the bosses, and much tougher for the employees…

According to an article in The Times, the process will even alert a manager if your heart beat and facial expressions indicate you are stressed or frustrated. Details of the process were discovered in a patent application filed by the company for a computer system that links workers to their computers via wireless sensors that measure their metabolism.

Anti-slacking software at work – Technology –

This is a new level, some would say a new depth, of the Microsoft empire’s technology. As you can imagine Civil Rights activists are up in arms about this, particularly when companies see it as their right to monitor employee’s every minute at work. Never before in the history of the world have humans worked so continuously at such a high level of concentration as the knowledge workers of today. And it’s the same from truck drivers to surgeons, the expectations are enormous, it is almost impossible for anyone to maintain perfect concentration, optimum stress levels and peak performance for more than a few hours at a time, maybe even a day. Then there is always the risk that bosses will use the technology to increase the stress levels of employees they don’t like… privacy is becoming eroded in the face of technology.

Barcoding and Asset Management

In my role as Manager of Engineering, I am also responsible for asset management. Fortunately for me, the City is relatively small, and keeping track of all the various pieces of equipment, computers, fleet, buildings, etc is not a huge task. However, one option that has been considered, and has worked in Municipal and Commercial asset management systems elsewhere is barcoding of assets and documents.

For most engineers barcodes are the last thing they want to have to think about, but it’s not just the barcode that’s important, it’s the Barcode Verifier that is important. This could be a handheld scanner, similar to the ones at the supermarket, but designed to read the barcodes for your assets and allow you to store relevant information in a database.



So where do you go to get this Barcode Verification Equipment? A viable solution need to have an online presence, online store, offer turnkey solutions, as well as parts and suppliers. These guys seem to offer all of that, in a website that is pretty straight forward. Barcode Verification and writing equipment is not cheap, but for asset management and document tracking in organizations of any size, barcodes, offer a simple secure way to manage a database of physical items.

I’m not sure how we are going to manage our assets, particularly with the requirements that have been imposed by higher levels of government on capital asset management, but a barcoding system seems like a good idea.

Decision Making

Local Councils can get to the point of forgetting that they are there to represent the people. Here’s a criticism that I’ve never heard expressed like this, but is a pretty common phenomenon.

His biggest criticism with council is the way it operates. “You have to avoid making decisions based on “DAD”, (where) you decide, you announce, you defend.”

 D shadow A D

The Independent – Water meter foe enters mayors race

Does anyone have an acronym for a better method of decision making?