My Totally Unscientific LinkedIn Groups Experiment

Over the past week I conducted an experiment on LinkedIn partially in an attempt to see whether there was value in participating in groups. As a Civil Engineer in Canada, it seemed obvious to attempt to connect through several groups all of while I’ve been a “silent member” of for over a year – (membership statistics below […]

Digital Billboards

When Castlegar gave a variance to Castlegar Toyota for their digital billboard, neither City staff or council considered that there might be good reason for having a bylaw spelling out the limits for commercial signs. Instead, they happily approved what would have to be one of the ugliest signs in the Kootenays, with the promise from Toyota that it […]

Food Carts take on Abandoned Asphalt

Sometimes the best solutions to urban problems are the simplest. Portland, Oregon is allowing unused parking space to be used for food vendors, increasing economic activity in otherwise dead spaces. “Outside of downtown, carts are forming neighborhood-oriented clusters” on vacant parking lots, McInelly points out. “At SERA we have promoted food carts as a low-cost urban design […] and Tim Ferriss

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about TIm Ferriss' book, "The 4-Hour Workweek" Apparently the post was quite influential in the blogosphere in promoting the book and as a result Tim recently sent me a gift card for $100 to be used at, an organization dedicated to facilitating donations to […]

Castlegar Rebranded

The City of Castlegar recently went through a re-branding exercise. This was undertaken by a steering committee, who ended up with a couple of layouts and tag lines for the logo. The City ended up choosing the playful, “Happily Ever After”. Now I understand that this is marketing speak and designed to play on the fairytale notion of Castle(gar).

Feel Good and Save the Planet

I guess being sustainable should make you feel good, but does anyone else see the irony of shopping for the planet and being rewarded with air miles. The thought of flying off to some exotic tropical island with all the hard earned “sustainable” air miles gets me pulling out the credit card – I’ve got […]

Recycling Marketables

Since the time when Western countries started shipping off all manufacturing industries offshore (or even jsut across the country), packaging and the ability to recycle goods has been an issue. Some of my readers may remember milk delivered by the dairy farmer, or pop delivered by a local producer – those days are long gone, […]

The Cost of Consumerism

In the free market, the consumer drives what is sold, and how. And for many years consumer satisfaction, ranked by sales, has driven supermarkets to inefficient refrigeration solutions such as the doorless coolers that grace the aisles of almost every supermarket in the western world. This may be finally changing, as supermarkets gain a social […]