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What Have You Shipped?

Last week I received a report on our departmental progress, it was in effect, a reminder of what we’ve “shipped” over the past six months. Having a regular reminder of your progress seems like a good thing, and it is supported by research: making headway on meaningful work brightens a person’s inner work life and […]

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Innovation in Engineering

I can spot them, the engineering companies that trade in formulaic solutions, even when the problem is begging for innovation. Perhaps it is the opportunity to reuse existing infrastructure, or try out a novel technique – all too often these firms will step back from the challenge and choose the “safe” option. If you are […]

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Your Plan

Did you make a new years resolution? What timeframe did you choose for this conscious act of change? For most people, a new years resolution only lasts a couple of weeks or months because there is no plan to support the change. People who resolve to quit smoking forget that the act of buying cigarettes […]

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