Jajah – Connects your Calls Online

Another web-app did the job for me today. I’m staying at a friends house, I have an internet connection, but I don’t want to rack up their phone-bill to call Robyn in Canada.
So what do you do?
Jajah is a simple concept, put your phone number in, put your friends number in. It dials your number, you get a “please hold while Jajah connects you” message, then the phone starts ringing.
On sign up you receive US$3 credit, so you can see if this application is for you or not.  The rates are pretty good, though you might find that phone cards are cheaper, (but you have the connection cost per call in Australia to worry about too).
The website can also store your phone numbers in an address book for convenience. It’s pretty handy because you don’t need headsets or a broadband connection to get this thing working, it uses your phone line once the call is placed. In this way it is better than Skype or other regular VOIP applications.
For regular users, calls between jajah users are free too within a fair use policy.

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How do you To Do

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity is one of my favorite books on personal productivity, for those of you who’ve subscribed to our email newsletter, I linked to several GTD resources, including Merlin Mann’s podcast on 43Folders.


One of the great things about the GTD method, (or perhaps lifestyle?) is that it totally redefines how you do your todo list, instead of abstract all encompassing project type items, “move to Canada”, “get a job”, the focus breaks down to the next measurable, completable action on the path to achieving that project, “call flight centre to sort out possible travel dates”, “check job postings” or “review resume”.

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Performancing for Firefox – 1.4 Coming Soon

As many of you who’ve been reading for a while know, I’ve struggled to find a tool that meets all my blogging requirements. One o my favourites, that I keep returning to, is Performancing for Firefox, currently in its 1.3 release, but soon to be upgraded with improved image handling, and it looks like support for Blogger as well.  They are on track to release a couple of betas in the near future, read more after the jump:

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Move Over Basecamp – Make Room for activeCollab

Who likes free productivity software?  We do!

Update #2: ActiveCollab is no longer being developed as free software. For a free branch of activeCollab that is a great community driven effort, check out ProjectPier.

Update #1: Read this interview with the developer of activeCollab to find out why he changed from free to paid software.


You have a choice

I’m sure many readers already know what Basecamp is, but for those who don’t, please don’t click this link, (unless you don’t like free)…

Rather, click this one

ActiveCollab has taken the best parts of Basecamp and other project management and document sharing software suites, and incorporated these into a powerful server based program that is free.  That’s right you read it correctly, free. Read more after the jump…


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