Jajah – Connects your Calls Online

Another web-app did the job for me today. I’m staying at a friends house, I have an internet connection, but I don’t want to rack up their phone-bill to call Robyn in Canada.
So what do you do?
Jajah is a simple concept, put your phone number in, put your friends number in. It dials your number, you get a “please hold while Jajah connects you” message, then the phone starts ringing.
On sign up you receive US$3 credit, so you can see if this application is for you or not.  The rates are pretty good, though you might find that phone cards are cheaper, (but you have the connection cost per call in Australia to worry about too).
The website can also store your phone numbers in an address book for convenience. It’s pretty handy because you don’t need headsets or a broadband connection to get this thing working, it uses your phone line once the call is placed. In this way it is better than Skype or other regular VOIP applications.
For regular users, calls between jajah users are free too within a fair use policy.

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Big Time Wireless Network in Castlegar

Castelgar - Wireless Internet One of the things we like about the Castlegar region is that it is still growing, but at a pace that matches my sanity. Today, I caught this news about the installation of a town-wide wireless service…

The city is expected to invest $800,000 in the project to establish the initial infrastructure while Raymer will contribute millions to maintain what president Tim Dufor describes as the “back office stuff, and continual maintenance of the network.” The city’s investment is small potatoes compared to the potential economic benefits, explained Dufor.

The network will piggyback on existing Telus fibre optic cables, with towers built on the outskirts of the city linking the network to Kelowna. Raymer Bay will then install access points mounted on streetlights around Castlegar. Dufor said 25-30 access points should cover the entire city.

Source: Wi Fi for Castlegar :: Castlegarbc.ca British Columbia, Canada :: Castlegar’s Complete Web Network!

This is expected to be installed during 2007, so the article says. More after the jump…

Webworker’s Toolkit – Linutop

A webworker’s home toolkit? 

Linutop is a Linux-based diskless computer. It offers a completely silent, low-power operation in an extremely small package.

Source: linutop

This machine has no disk, offers low power consumption, 4 USB ports, 10/100 ethernet connection, possible wifi, what can you do with it? My first thoughts were of the plethora of web based office software solutions, that allow you to check email, write documents, perform spreadsheet calcs, write up presentations, store documents and photos. Why not?

This box is likely to be marketed to libraries and internet cafes, but I’d get one as a second machine for sure. It weighs in at 280 grams and comes packaged with a linux distro, and the following software..

Blame Canada and Social Media

This was a tough one to decide whether or not to post this, mainly because it would likely offend someone out there, but it fits in well with my interests in environmental campaigns, business and social media. I’m no expert on fishing practices, nor of Greenpeace’s efforts to bring this issue to public attention. (Language warning in linked video content)

Greenpeace has gone to a bit of effort, and I assume it has passed through the filter of the legal team too.  It really shows the power of social media in Environmental Campaigns and that Greenpeace is realizing the potential of word of mouth, or viral marketing.


A reply by a Greenpeace rep in the comments on Craphammer…

CAA Blog

The Canadian Automobile Association has recently started blogging and it looks like they will be discussing all sorts of transportation related issues…

I am David Flewelling, President of the Canadian Automobile Association. This blog is not just about what I think, most importantly, it’s about what you think. That’s why we are inviting you to sit in the “Driver’s Seat.”

Source: CAA Drivers Seat – Welcome

Here is a sample post, about Eco-Mobility…

Blogs for Marketing Purposes

CrispAds Blog Ads

Do you use blogs for marketing? Industries outside of the traditional early adopter computer and IT groupies are beginning to feel to strength of Internet marketing as a tool, here’s a recent story…

In late August Advertising Age published an article entitled ‘Has The Big Shift Began?’. They were referring to a campaign that Pontiac had decided to launch exclusively on the web. According to Pontiac this will cost them 60-70% less than the way it was traditionally done. Six weeks into the campaign, sales had exceeded August goals by 185%.

Source: iaocblog :: Are You Ready for The Big Shift?

Now that’s a big deal for a large company to experience such a shift in market response. How could your company use the web?  Do you do email lists?  Do you have a blog?

There are lots of experienced people out there to assist with Internet marketing, one of the best papers on the changing face of Internet marketing is this one, The Death of Internet Marketing. (aff link). Read more after the jump…

How do you To Do

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity is one of my favorite books on personal productivity, for those of you who’ve subscribed to our email newsletter, I linked to several GTD resources, including Merlin Mann’s podcast on 43Folders.


One of the great things about the GTD method, (or perhaps lifestyle?) is that it totally redefines how you do your todo list, instead of abstract all encompassing project type items, “move to Canada”, “get a job”, the focus breaks down to the next measurable, completable action on the path to achieving that project, “call flight centre to sort out possible travel dates”, “check job postings” or “review resume”.

Blogging – What’s in it for Me

Today I found solace in the words of one of my regular feed reads, Brian Clarke from Copyblogger, and he quotes Seth Godin, who I reckon is one of the marketing geniuses of our time. Basically, Brian asks a question of himself that he realises his readers have been asking all along, not out of concern for him, but to work out his motives and credibility, “What’s in it for me?”