Canadian Blogging Numbers

Taking a break from Urban Design, and looking at Social Media and Blogging for Corporations today…

A recent discovery (for me) in the social media/blogging/PR world is Maggie Fox from Canada, who writes about some dubious statistics she’s seen floating around… 


There’s an article in today’s Toronto Star that I would like to claim a bit of responsibility for. As it happens, I emailed the reporter in question regarding the apparent disconnect between the Environics numbers recently released and an earlier Ipsos-Reid poll on the number of Canadians blogging. She called back and we had a nice chat on the phone about blogging. The result?

“Depending on whose figures you believe, somewhere between 30 and 40 per cent of adult Internet users in Canada have read at least one blog in recent months.”

Source: social media group corporate blogging » Blog Archive » Toronto Star: Blogging Good for Business – sort of

It sounds like Maggie might know what she’s talking about when it comes to PR, blogging and social media, she’s credible cause she does her research.  Read more after the jump…

Free Skype Cards

I love free.  Check out this great offer from online printing gurus Moo, better be quick…

Skype MiniCards are great for sharing your Skype Name, SkypeIn Number, email, blog, IM, cellphone and other details. Like the good old Victorian calling card (only newer and, of course, better), Skype MiniCards can feature your name, number, quote or statement on the front, and other details on the rear. MOO has even created a Quote-O-Matic to help you think up something suitably smart to go on your cards. And like all MiniCards, each card can be different, so you can create a different card for every occasion.

How-to’s from

One of the hard things about running a small business is getting the right information or business experience in fields that you need to know something about, but really don’t know enough about. is launching a user-contributed small-business manual today at The site already hosts more than 1000 guides dealing with contracts, accounting, financing, et cetera. Most guides are super basic, but the provided templates generally render them well-organized. And offering all this information as a website is definitely more proximately useful than yet another paper how-to book.

Source: Small Businesses go to – Web Worker Daily

Just taking a quick look through the offerings, they are generally pretty straight forward, but the main benefit is that users can rate the documents, so you don’t need to sort through the junk to find the gems.

Its an interesting idea, and one of information sharing in the spirit of the wiki, but the ratings system adds a Digg like feel to the usefulness of the information. 



Performancing for Firefox – 1.4 Coming Soon

As many of you who’ve been reading for a while know, I’ve struggled to find a tool that meets all my blogging requirements. One o my favourites, that I keep returning to, is Performancing for Firefox, currently in its 1.3 release, but soon to be upgraded with improved image handling, and it looks like support for Blogger as well.  They are on track to release a couple of betas in the near future, read more after the jump:

Roads increase the Risk of HIV

Tanzanian natives - Engineering ConstructionWe all have a lingering feeling that all the development around us actually detracts from our lifestyles and health, and that somehow, if we could all just get back to a simpler life that we might just be healthier. 

I think that is a gross oversimplification of the effects of technology on Western society, but in Africa, some of the things we take for granted are set to destroy nations, similar to the Colonialisation of North America and Australia.

Although the construction of roads in rural areas of Tanzania has boosted economic opportunity, it also could increase HIV transmission, according to a report by the Tanzania Civil Engineering Contractors Association and the African Medical and Research Foundation, IRIN/PlusNews reports.

Source: Road Construction In Tanzania Could Increase HIV Transmission, Study Says

The study bases it’s claim on a couple of issues, first and most obviously linkage of rural areas to cities:

Move Over Basecamp – Make Room for activeCollab

Who likes free productivity software?  We do!

Update #2: ActiveCollab is no longer being developed as free software. For a free branch of activeCollab that is a great community driven effort, check out ProjectPier.

Update #1: Read this interview with the developer of activeCollab to find out why he changed from free to paid software.


You have a choice

I’m sure many readers already know what Basecamp is, but for those who don’t, please don’t click this link, (unless you don’t like free)…

Rather, click this one

ActiveCollab has taken the best parts of Basecamp and other project management and document sharing software suites, and incorporated these into a powerful server based program that is free.  That’s right you read it correctly, free. Read more after the jump…


Google Reader Emerges

How do you RSS on the go? Feeds are almost more useful that email, so having a feed reading system that keeps you on top of things is very helpful.  For fans of everything Google, today marks the return (from my perspective) of Google into the online feed-reader market.

After finding Newsalloy, (see my reviews here and here), I really thought that Google Reader had done it’s dash, but true to form Google is the proverbial Phoenix, rising from the ashes with a new and improved product. 

First Round of Blog Changes

So, here are the first round of blog changes, a new theme, (that’s not quite completed yet), but it provides much clearer reading, navigation and layout of content.

Also, I’ve enabled cocomment, a service which allows you to keep track of conversations you are participating around the internet. You can find the interface for this below the comment box.  This is a brand new feature on Drupal sites with coding hot off the Drupal community presses. If you have trouble leave me a comment or email via our contact form.