Developing the Capital Planning Process

In my role at the City of Revelstoke, council has been working through the financial plan process, and this year I thought it might be useful to deliver the capital project information in a couple of ways that I hadn’t seen before. These ideas have been in my mind for a couple of years now, …

Project Management Initiatives

This week I gave a verbal report on some project management initiatives that are underway in the City. Click through for the speaking notes that give some context to the slides – HaikuDeck – Construction Management Presentation. Much of the effort is in developing better project management processes for staff to use in planning and …

Guarding your time

Sometimes you just have to say no. “You’ve gotta keep control of your time,” Buffett says, “and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life.” via: Why Productive People have empty schedules Over the past couple of months I have taken on a new role, one which currently …

GTD with Nirvana

GTD, or “Getting Things Done” is about the only way that I can stay on top of the multitude of tasks and projects that I am responsible for. Having a smooth online system is pretty key to improved productivity. For me it’s not about it being the only system, but one that compliments my index card based system.

The most promising software in recent months is Nirvana, which has been rolling out the features and listens to the community of users through blog posts and forums. Check out this video for a glimpse of the basic set of features…

Variables and Risk

Identify the variables that pose the greatest risk of failure for the project and develop contingency plans for them. Sometimes the best option is to remove the variable altogether, (make it an external issue – outsource it, so it is someone else’s problem to manage), other times the risk can be managed by internal policies …

Municipal Engineering Consultancy Agreements

Many municipalities have small engineering or public works departments that are not staffed by engineers or other professionals who might be able to write up a construction consultancy contract. Even those municipalities that do have professional staff will find this agreement and the associated guide published by the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada a …

Project Management and the Blackberry


I’ve avoided the “crackberry” wave. I love my Palm T3, wish it were online, but understand that if it were, the stack of emails that I like to process in a lump would likely trickle in all day.

Perhaps all of that is about to change. From a recent press release.

New software for the RIM BlackBerry provides a mobile interface for personal task and collaborative project management. Users can remotely add tasks via keyboard or voice call, and can browse and update tasks in personal or group projects. The software provides a pervasive experience: task data and projects can be accessed via the BlackBerry, the Mentat web interface, or Mentat-enabled 3rd party applications.

Invoicing for Engineers

PJSM recently released their Architectural and Engineering Financial Performance Survey for the American industry. One of the telling findings for most consultants is that clients tend to take about 67 days to pay their bills. PJSM’s solution from the survey is to:

“Send invoices to clients promptly and often. Issue bills more than
once a month, simplify your bills, create unit prices for routine
activities, and don’t hold bills to resolve minor issues.”

To read the free CEO summary of the survey, click here (PDF 20 pages), or you could purchase the document for about $400. My advice… read the summary.

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