SD20 Negotiations

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the School District 20 debate over the Planning for the Future document. I read through the recommendations when it first came out (I think in 2008 for Part 1), but aside from the tax requisition that is obviously part of the issue, we homeschool our kids, so […]

Mayflies and Swallows

Yesterday I had six meetings. Not all of them were the stuffy sit-around-the boardroom type of meeting, in fact one of them was a site meeting, actually more of a conversation, out at a site. I was late, owing to the previous meeting’s overrun, but as I drove up to the detention pond in the […]

Historical Mining in Rossland on Google Earth

Technology changes everything, in this case, it brings an old map to life. My job as a City Engineer takes me into the past quite often, and the ability to use historical mapping as a tool to determine the cause of issues today can be quite important. Since Google Earth and Google Maps have been […]

Twitter for Municipalities

I’m a twitterer. I’m bored of the monologue style of media that still dominates the old school thinking. Telling people what you want them to hear with no easy opportunity for dialog is so 90’s.   That’s why I think it is essential for municipalities to embrace social media and build participation in the demographics that are […]

The Kootenays go Olympic

As the media and community frenzy of the Olympics torch passed through the Kootenays this weekend, I recognized the ambitions of recognition surrounding this corporatized event. The cynic in me sees the throwing of a party, or multiple parties along a carefully planned route, as co-opting support for the debt we are expected to incur […]