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Our backyard in Langley had a fence, a tall fence. It wasn’t just a backyard either, it was a side yard and even fronted the street on one section. The fence was imposing, and as added protection, there was a hedge on the street side of the fence. The fence, in this instance was really […]

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Chickens and Goats Again

Reviewing the draft posts that I have sitting half-finished for this blog, I realized that there have been some great posts that were never completed for one reason or another. One of my tasks over the next couple of weeks will be to review these posts and see what can be done to complete them. Just a quick review […]

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Post 1000 – and Some News

From an idea that formed back in the winter of 2006 while pondering the world from a coffee shop window, downtown Newcastle, Australia; I started the website Today we’ve reached another milestone along the journey, this is officially our one-thousandth post. This has been achieved in 4 years, 6 months and 24 days, or […]

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