Big Time Wireless Network in Castlegar

Castelgar - Wireless Internet One of the things we like about the Castlegar region is that it is still growing, but at a pace that matches my sanity. Today, I caught this news about the installation of a town-wide wireless service…

The city is expected to invest $800,000 in the project to establish the initial infrastructure while Raymer will contribute millions to maintain what president Tim Dufor describes as the “back office stuff, and continual maintenance of the network.” The city’s investment is small potatoes compared to the potential economic benefits, explained Dufor.

The network will piggyback on existing Telus fibre optic cables, with towers built on the outskirts of the city linking the network to Kelowna. Raymer Bay will then install access points mounted on streetlights around Castlegar. Dufor said 25-30 access points should cover the entire city.

Source: Wi Fi for Castlegar :: British Columbia, Canada :: Castlegar’s Complete Web Network!

This is expected to be installed during 2007, so the article says. More after the jump…

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