Prince Albert’s Water, Oil Pipelines, and the Precautionary Principle

The City of Prince Albert in #Saskatchewan, #Canada has secured emergency water supply after almost two weeks of no water following an oil spill in the North Saskatchewan River by Husky Oil. Three different sources temporary water line being set up along highway 302 #huskyoilspill #saskatchewan #Princealbert @princealbertnow — Bryan Eneas (@BryanEneas) July 25, …

Designing for Hazards – A Wall of Lake Ice

Who is responsible for determining the impact and designing to protect against manmade or natural disasters on your home or neighborhood? A local state of emergency has been declared in a western Manitoba municipality after homes in Ochre Beach were destroyed and seriously damaged by a wave of lake ice. Area officials told CBC News …

Municipalities on the Front Line of the Economy

While the Federal Governments in the US and Canada throw stimulus money to the wind, the Municipalities are on the front line of debt, foreclosures and real service cuts. Here’s a sample of my reading list from this week on this topic.

Obama Predicts Trillion Dollar Deficit

I try my hardest not to be all doom and gloom here at UrbanWorkbench, but someone tell me who is going to lend the US Federal Government a Trillion dollars a year? Analysts predict that the federal deficit will hit a new record of at least $1 trillion this year, which would be not only …

Communicating with a Story

12,000 Sitting Ducks I use words every day to communicate, sometimes I write thousands of words a day. Not everyone can or wants to read what I write, sometimes its too technical, sometimes it’s just in too much of a niche for many people to care about.

But when there is an event that everyone cares about or wants to know something about, building a picture or telling a story is one of the most powerful methods of communicating. Sometimes I forget that. Tonight I was reminded by Franke James’ blog called My Green Conscience – I finally caught up in my reading and was floored by the simplicity, (and the effort).

The post puts a personal spin on the explosion in Toronto, and through good background research, images and simple text the story unfolds.

The beauty of blogging – the ability to loosen the formalities and tell a story to engage readers, listeners or customers.

What story do you have waiting to be told?

Image courtesy of Franke James.