BSC2009 – Water Commodification Debate

For the positive argument, Marcel Boyer debates that water is scarce – lets use water prices to send signals to users. Marcel wrote – “Freshwater exports of the development of Quebec’s blue gold” – Montreal Economic Institute, 2008. The true value of fresh water is the cost of desalination of sea water – about $0.65 […]

BSC2009 – Seeds, Science and Sustainability – Claire Hope Cummings

Image via Wikipedia The author of “Uncertain Peril – Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds”, and former USDA lawyer, Claire Hope Cummings discusses the necessity of farm security. Claire uses the prop of a box of Kellogg’s frosted flakes to point out that the box of cereal has mostly genetically modified, chemical laden, nutritionally […]

BSC2009 – Community Capital – Dr Boyd Cohen

Dr Boyd Cohen kicked off the Building Sustainable Communities conference with a talk exploring the six types of capital required for sustainable communities and gave examples around the world of projects that have radically enhanced communities. 200 million people around the world displaced or suffering challenges due to climate change by 2050. We need to […]

A Letter to the City of Castlegar

We have written another letter to Castlegar City Council. This one addresses our concerns regarding the planning and sustainability of the City and suggests 14 action points that can be commenced in the short-term to improve the viability of Castlegar in the long-term, for the full letter click here, otherwise, enjoy the fourteen action points below.

Twittering Canada’s Federal Budget

Canada’s Federal Budget is rolling in, and one of the best ways to get a glimpse of the picture is through Twitter. @CBCNews just posted a number of “updates” on their Twitter Feed, which I thought made for a fun image. In TweetDeck you can set up groups of similar feed, in the image, I […]

The Infrastructure Equation

Image via Wikipedia I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week considering the role of senior levels of government in providing funding to municipalities for infrastructure projects, and how these funds are distributed. It has been acknowledged across North America that the infrastructure deficit is one of the most pressing limitations to the […]

Community Planning and Local Jobs

Image by jef safi via Flickr It’s not hard to make this point stick with local councils and urban planners – that local jobs, those that are inherently local form the backbone of a community’s economic future. How Your Community Can Thrive-Even in Tough Times | Project for Public Spaces (PPS) According to Soji Adelaja, […]