So, when I suggest that Climate Change, Peak Oil and the Economy are not going to be solved by changing out light bulbs, watering our lawns less, refusing to accept a plastic shopping bag or buying a more fuel efficient car – and the response is to suggest that I am “unreasonable”, my response is one of bemusement.

The Infrastructure Equation

Image via Wikipedia I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week considering the role of senior levels of government in providing funding to municipalities for infrastructure projects, and how these funds are distributed. It has been acknowledged across North America that the infrastructure deficit is one of the most pressing limitations to the […]

Cut Off From the Rest of Canada

Image via Wikipedia I’ve stated a number of times on this blog that the Kootenays, while a nice place to live, and potentially a good place to be in an energy descent situation, one thing that is tough, (particularly while the border still stands between the US and Canada), is it’s remoteness. I didn’t feel […]

30km/hr Residential Streets

Speed limits in residential streets is a difficult topic to raise. People driving around in 4000 pound metal boxes seem to think that they should have the right of speed, not just to drive. Griffith University transport planning researcher Matthew Burke said cutting speeds from 50km/h on local streets would not only reduce road trauma, […]

Secondary Suites for Condos

In a genius marketing move that should assist in the long term flexibility and sustainability of the condo form of housing, studio suites, or “mortgage helpers” are being planned for condos… Vancouver condo marketer Bob Rennie as well as former chief city planner Larry Beasley, have both suggested that perhaps condominiums need “secondary suites” or […]

Intercity Buses

This is good news of sorts… More Americans are getting on the bus – Forbes.com “The growth in intercity bus traffic is being driven by a number of factors, chiefly the spiking price of fuel over the past year,” said Joseph Schwieterman, professor of public service and director of the Chaddick Institute, who directed the […]

The Death of the Mall

Since moving from a “big city” the perceived need to go to the mall has lessened. We still get those pangs of rural fever where we just need to go to a “real city” like Kelowna, Spokane, Vancouver or Calgary. Living away from the City makes you realize just how much time we used to […]