Goats on the Front Line of Weed Control

[ad#125-right]Many communities in the Kootenays face massive problems with invasive weed species, particularly along rural road shoulders and on the fringes of urban development. A recent article by CBC describes a study lauding the benefits of goats in combating this problem – which is likely to get worse with climate change.  The study, led by […]

Housing Diversity

Our family has lived in some pretty diverse neighborhoods both in Canada and Australia, and typically, we’ve found that those with the highest diversity have also been the most vibrant. The idea that single family housing is the norm is a product of cheap oil and the spread of the baby boomers across the suburbs… […]

Creston Grain CSA Delivery by Boat

This is an exciting climax to a long season’s wait for the produce, and a fitting tribute to the intent of the Community Supported Agriculture Project – to create a viable, community driven source of local grains in the Kootenays…

Short Term Sustainability in the Kootenays

Not much has been said locally regarding the implications of the US financial situation that has extended itself into Canada over the past week.

Imminent Financial Crisis and Food Scarcity

Is it possible? It feels like there’s been a lot more posts about sustainability and food recently than engineering, but with the various events that seem to be on a crash course collision with Planet Earth, and as such I feel justified linking to these various news sources, commentaries and blog posts. I’ll let you […]