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I received a “Pro-for-Life” membership at when it was just starting out, and have since  uploaded over 900 photos. I also have an account at, which is just your regular account, no bells and whistles. I haven’t tried many of the others, all I know is I’m happy with Zooomr and it seems like lots of other people are too. 


Here’s my take on the options I looked at…

  • Flickr has a “bigger name” and stability with Yahoo as it’s owner.
  • Normally I like things Google, but the Picasa web albums just don’t do it for me. (Photo Management on my computer however is through the wonderful Picasa desktop software).
  • Facebook is fun, but it feels a bit juvenile putting photos up there.
  • Smugmug doesn’t even have a free version, and they are proud of it.

Capture7-26-2008-11.52.14 PMWhen I was looking for some of the others that I’ve tested in the past, I came across this summary from February 2008 of 45 Photo Sharing sites, alphabetically.

I’d love to see some of my readers photos, particularly if you are in Engineering, or live in the Kootenays. You can see my photos on Zooomr, (many of my photos are available for viewing only by contacts designated as friends or family).

If you are not sharing photos online, are you at least backing them up offsite? If you are not, consider starting up a Flickr or Zooomr account and using a simple tool like jUploadr to get batches of photos from your computer or camera onto the internet.

What sites do you share photos at? 

Leave a link to your page if you don’t mind sharing!

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Shipwreck on Nobbys

The photos coming from Newcastle have all been a bit wild with the storms. The best are of the Pasha Bulker ship stranded on Nobbys Beach. Apparently they are planning a salvage attempt, but many people believe that it will remain there until it disintigrates, much like the Signa, stranded a few miles north on Stockton Beach, sounds like a similar story, it’s just a much bigger ship, and on a very public beach!

The Sygna off Stockton BeachDuring May 1974 the NSW coast was being battered by large storms which brought heavy swells to both Sydney and Newcastle ports. Newcastle port reported a swell of over 17 meters at the entrance.

The Sygna was on her maiden voyage, with a load of 50,000 tonnes of coal destined for Europe at the time of the accident. She was anchored four km off Newcastle when the Bureau of Meteorology issued a storm warning and directive for ships to move out to sea. Seven of the ten ships anchored off Newcastle did so, however the Sygna was not one of them.

Sygna – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  

Here’s some photos Creative Commons Licensed off of the Pasha Bulker (… 


Flickr Photo Download: Pasha Bulker Saturday 9 June 2007


Flickr Photo Download: 8th June, Shipwreck on Nobbys


Flickr Photo Download: On the beach.

A local photographer, Tim Christie has some great photos too, more flickr photos here.


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Zooomr – My Choice for Photo Hosting

Many of my readers know about my love of Zooomr and how I think it is the best photo sharing site currently available.

I thought I’d point you to this great article recently featured in .net magazine

Kristopher Tate – .net magazine

Silicon Valley churns out web applications at a dizzying speed and there’s more photosharing sites than ever before. Zooomr, a service that’s localised in over 15 languages, is different. It’s got the blessing from Web 2.0 guru Michael Arrington who dubbed it ‘Flickr on steroids’, and indeed, it introduced features such as geotagging months before Yahoo!’s photosharing site followed suit. It’s remarkable, even more so when you find out that it was put together by a 17-year-old in just three months.

Many people say that Zooomr is a rip-off of Flickr, rightr downr to ther “R” on the endr of it’s name. Sorry about that, I got a bit carried away. Zooomr is leading Flickr in features and interface development, they incorporated Geotagging and Google Maps before Flickr had thought about it on their site, and have cool interactive features like portals from photo to photo, notes, comments and even sound attachments to add narrative or sound effects to photos. 

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