The Cumulative Effects of Obstructive Complexity

Cumulative effects are very important. I shared the following article with my wife Robyn this week, and she shared many of the same frustrations as Scott just that very night at the local supermarket. Yogurt in multiple aisles, the loyalty cards, the self check out… When I’m ready to pay, I see long lines at the human […]

Blog Admin

Just an update, I've changed the commenting form to be livefyre powered. This allows for deeper social media engagement on posts and allows you to sign in for commenting through social media website logins. Additionally, I made some repairs to the contact form page, as it was sending emails but not giving the sender any […]

Friday News Clippings 8 June 2012

Things have been really busy around here, and writing has caught the brunt of it, truly falling off the side of the desk. I’m not going to make any promises here, but I hope to pick things up a bit again over the coming weeks. To kick this off, I thought I’d share some links […]