Is High Speed Rail The Answer?

I’ve suggested before that returning to rail would be a good thing for many areas, and that air travel is likely to decline, as well as support for roads and longer distance highway travel. So if rail is good, the high speed rail must be better right? Not that anyone is seriously talking about high […]

Peak Oil Vignette 3 – River Traders

He walked through the hazy morning sunshine, the dew seeping into the toes of his well-worn shoes. Some of the others were already lined up waiting for the shutters to open and the auction to begin. Most of them were here last night trying to get a glimpse of the goods as they were transferred […]

The High Cost of the Cul De Sac

In my opinion and the experience I’ve had as a City Engineer, roads in general are a blessing – but Cul de Sacs are a curse. And I’m not just talking about the planning aspects in terms of traffic circulations and the creation of neighbourhood identities, but on the cost of providing services to these […]

Servicing the Airport Lands

It probably sounded like a good idea back in the middle years of the 2000’s decade.You can imagine the thinking, “If we get some good sized lots suitable for parking, Walmart or CostCo will come and set up shop there, the residents will be happy and we’ll be able to get some tax revenue off […]

Did I Miss the Future?

To heck with the current range of Stimulus Spending programs, this video plans out the future we were promised but never received. The only part of the whole vision we truly received was this: the shape of our cities will change as expanded highway transportation decentralizes our population centers into vast urban areas This Disney […]

Fredericton Roads and Streets Masterplan – 2009

Infrastructure masterplans are at the backboneof a community’s capital spending plan. While not addressing every possible outcome or required project, the process of considering a masterplan identifies many of the “big-ticket” items that are on the spending horizon for the community. Often these masterplans are written by consultants, for many reasons, political, staff availability, expertise, […]

Reclaiming the Roads

City streets have been hijacked by fast cars and trucks, as though these vehicles and their speeds were the only reason the roads were created in the first place. It is interesting to note that the road widths we see today are a legacy from a period before motor vehicles, when pedestrians and horses ruled […]