The Best WordPress Theme Ever

Since starting blogging a few years ago, I’ve used Drupal as the software to run my blogs, but as I consider a new blog project, I am again drawn to WordPress. The pros and cons of each have been discussed ad nauseum, but for a simple blog, I’m convinced that wordpress is the most feature-rich option.

As I was searching around for themes, I came to the conclusion that there were a bunch of free themes out there, but none of them were particularly easy to modify without some coding of CSS, so I looked for paid options, which can run up into the many hundreds of dollars for a custom template, and that doesn’t necessarily include support.

That brings me to the Thesis Theme which has received amazing reviews.

Without getting into all the technical details of how good the framework is, I was impressed with the community support and forums, an amazing options panel that allows customization of just about anything at all on the page, as well as a comprehensive users guide that explains it all in detail.

There are two levels of licensing on the software, a personal license and a developer’s license…

Personal License $87

  • Use Thesis on one site and also on a localized development server
  • Footer link must remain intact, at least in terms of keywords (in this case, the text is “Thesis Theme”)
  • You may not re-sell the theme or any modification thereof

Developer’s License $164

  • Unlimited use of the theme on any number of sites
  • You may remove the attribution link in the footer
  • You may not re-sell the theme or any modification thereof

Source: Thesis Theme Licenses — Thesis Theme for WordPress

If you are considering upgrading your theme or starting a website for any purpose, take a look at the Thesis Theme, for $87 this is an amazing deal, and you can upgrade to a developer’s license at any time for the cost difference. You won’t be disappointed!

UrbanWorkbench is now on WordPress and using the Thesis Theme!

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