The Sustainable Utah Four Day Work Week

This is not to be confused with a previous post about the four hour work week, rather, it seems that Utah has run the numbers on the environmental cost of having government employees at work five days a week, and opted for a four day week instead… – Governor lays out plan for 4-day work week

Gov. Jon Huntsman announced today that Utah state workers will soon only have to work four days a week. Most agencies will switch over to four, 10-hour work days a week.
The "Working 4 Utah" initiative is being welcomed as an energy- and money-saving change for the state. Huntsman says the alternative work week will formally launch in August.
"It has never been done on the statewide level, so we would be the first state actually rolling this out," Huntsman said. "So, July we’re going to be working very closely with departments and agencies making sure we anticipate … all of the issues and challenges that’ll be associated with doing this right."
The new four-day, 10-hour schedule would apply to about 17,000 state workers — about 20 percent of the total state workforce. All those people wouldn’t have to commute on Fridays, and the offices where they work — about 1,000 buildings statewide — won’t have to be heated or cooled, and lights and computers would be turned off.

This is a great idea to reduce the carbon footprint of a whole state government. Is this the future of employment? Or will it go further to include telecommuting?


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