The Top Environmental Thinking in Australia

Today there’s been some interesting suggestions, news, research results in Australia, here’s a snapshot of what Australian citizens have to put up with from our politicians and thought leaders.

I was going to save this one for last, but really it is too good…

A plan to cover the Great Barrier Reef with a giant cloth sunshade to protect it from the effects of global warming has been ridiculed.

Tourism Minister Fran Bailey has been promoting the plan, being tested by marine researchers in Queensland, to try to prevent coral bleaching…..

“Aesthetics for one,” said Col McKenzie of the Marine Park Tourist Operators Association. “The shade cloth will get ripped and it will be a nightmare to try to maintain that kind of infrastructure out there.”

Source: Sunshade plan for Barrier Reef ridiculed – Yahoo!7 News

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Short sighted suggestions taken up by the New South Wales Government….

A leading groundwater ecologist has expressed surprise the New South Wales Government is ready to go ahead with using groundwater to supplement Sydney’s water supply.

Premier Morris Iemma has given approval to start pumping groundwater from the southern highlands, with trial pumping into the Nepean Dam due to start in January.

But University of Technology Professor of environment science Derek Eamus says he is surprised the Government feels it is ready to start pumping in earnest.

“How are they going to establish how much water they’re going to hold back in the groundwater to maintain [the] health of groundwater ecosystems?” he said.

Source: Planned Sydney groundwater use needs research, says expert. 03/11/2006. ABC News Online


And finally, here we have research that proves that our resource managers are not confident in their own abilities to meet sustainability goals.

The University of South Australia asked water managers if they were meeting environmentally sustainable principles agreed to in the 1990s.

The study found that two-thirds of managers responsible for water boards or corporations were not confident they were using water resources in a sustainable way.

Source: Water policy managers not confident of sustainability. 2 November 2006. Newcastle News


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