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The Urban Loft Car

Could the American car really change?

In devising Ford Motor’s next family vehicle, designers thought urban loft instead of McMansion.

That’s because the car-like Edge, (see the photo), a new kid hauler that’s critical to the financially troubled company, is 7 inches shorter and 367 pounds lighter than the archetypal SUV that reigned last decade, the Ford Explorer.

Source: – Do these wheels make my car look compact?

On my recent visit to Canada, I noticed, (or maybe I was more aware) of smaller vehicles on the streets.  This felt radically different to when I first moved to Canada back in 2001, when driving down the streets of Vancouver in anything smaller than an SUV felt like a  you were looking up to everyone else! Smaller cars mean less fuel and less pollution, it’s got to be a good thing.


Mike Thomas

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