Transition Movie Preview

Update December 2009: The movie is now available online.

Just a quick update post to everyone to let you know that the upcoming Transition Towns movie is available for viewing online free for 48 hours only! Click this link, you'll need the free Quicktime player to view. A recent post about the movie on the Transition Network News website: FILM: ‘In Transition’ online preview « Transition Network News

As you know, we have been making a film about Transition, called ‘In Transition’, which was previewed at the Transition Network conference to a standing ovation, and which we had, unsuccessfully, tried to show online simultaneous to the conference screening. Now, after much technical fiddling about, we can tell you when and where you can see it, and unveil the plans for its release. So, you will be able to watch the film online at any time on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2009 (BST). We are running it over two days so as many people get a chance to fit in watching it around their busy lives as possible, one week day and one weekend day. We think you’re going to rather like it

If you miss the movie at this preview, there are indie screening starting in September 2009, it will be available for a pay what you wish download in November 2009, and a limited release DVD will be available in December 2009.

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