UrbanWorkbench will be represented at the upcoming Training 4 Transition event in Abbotsford, BC by my wife Robyn Thomas. This course is a useful first step in getting started on the concept of a Transition Town and is being held over two days, March 20th and 21st, 2009, (in Abbotsford, BC). From the Transition United States website:

The Transition Handbook

Transition United States – Upcoming Events

Training for Transition (T4T) – Overview

The course is designed to give a detailed introduction to the most important skills necessary to successfully set up, develop, and run a Transition project in your locality. It is designed for people who are already in a group working to achieve this, or are thinking of creating such a group.

At the end of the course participants will:

  • have a clear understanding of the context for transition towns, the current global situation and the transformational possibilities that arise from climate change and peak oil and gas
  • know what the Transition Towns model is – Including an in depth look at the key 12 steps from inspiration, setting up the initiating group, all the way to having active and effective working groups
  • have experienced a joint visioning process
  • understand how to organise effective meetings such as public talks, open space days and small theme working groups
  • understand the purpose and principles of an Energy Descent Plan
  • have the outline of an effective and inspiring talk on Transition Towns
  • have formed useful contacts with other Transition initiatives, and met some of those involved in the Totnes project and Transition Network
  • have a plan of action for themselves and their locality

This training will follow the transition model in paying attention to both the outer work and the inner work necessary for a successful transition process. This will be a participatory process, with delegates invited to share their own experience and learn from the many different transition initiatives represented at each course. We also have a more in depth explanation of the training content for this course.

I understand that this course is currently full, however if you are interested in attending, contact Stacey Corriveau – stacey@centreforsocialenterprise.com, efforts are apparently being made to find a larger venue.


Let me know if you are signed up for this training event, or have been to one previously. See my previous post about Transition Castlegar.

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