Trump’s Environmental Golf Course

In case my Rossland readers were lulled into believing that their golf course proposal was the only contentious one on the planet, here’s some news from Scotland…

Donald Trump wants to create the world’s finest golf course on an unspoilt stretch of northern Scotland. Merely creating a "world class" course would not be good enough; it has to be better than the Old Course at St Andrews, he claimed yesterday.

The US billionaire was giving evidence at the opening day of a public inquiry into his plan to develop a site that includes sand dunes that are home to a rich variety of wildlife, on the Menie estate near Aberdeen. Mr Trump presented himself as an ecologically concerned entrepreneur, but when he described himself as "an environmentalist", the reaction from the public gallery was so loud that the inquiry chairman, James McCulloch, demanded silence.

Mr Trump claimed his golf course was more likely to improve the local environment than damage it. He suggested the site was not very attractive in its present condition, though he agreed that it had the potential to be one of the finest sites in the world.

I care about the environment, says Trump (and not just the greens) – Home News, UK – The Independent

Sounds like some after the fact greenwashing going on – claiming that it will "improve the environment"!However, it looks like he got pipped at the post with the proposal getting voted down. The usual claims were made that by not allowing this, it would deter investment in Scotland. I’m surprised Trump would have even been to Northern Scotland, can’t imagine it’s high on the list of places to visit for billionaires, but maybe I’m wrong.

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