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And Castlegar, BC?

CBC covered a great story of an illegal chicken owner in Toronto who of course wanted to remain un-named.

Check out the video here at CBC Sunday program. You can download the wmv file here. For those who doubt the support for urban hens, check out the comments on the CBC website link above.

In and around Castlegar, I’ve noticed that there has been continued discussion about urban animals as a result of the regional district proposal regarding the abattoir, and in letters from the Kootenay Food Strategy Society. I find it interesting to hear the views from people who are opposed to the abattoir proposal, are these people oblivious to the changing global realities? Have they heard how Obama speaks about the struggles and hardships – have they seen the billions of dollars that seem to have gone up in smoke from the recent credit crisis, casue sure as heck no one else can find it. Do these people want to leave the production of food in the hands of multi-national companies paying labourers in faraway lands pennies a day? My guess is that many of these same people are the first to complain when the local Safeway ran out of a few items during a winter storm – but for some reason can’t grasp that a good solution to many of the problems is for communities to take control and lead the food revolution to a state of re-localization.


It was almost a year ago that my wife and I raised this as a suggestion for council to consider as we wanted to open the discussion on local food security and sustainable living in Castlegar. The global situation with food has not improved in the last year, with continuing extreme reliance on fossil fuels for the raising, processing and delivery of the food we eat every day. Small scale community based solutions are important to the growth of a local economy, (which will always be much more resilient than one based on multi-national corporations for retail options), to reduce the amount of stuff we ship in and out of Castlegar, and to reduce our carbon footprint as a community.

And for more links to Urban Chicken Stories, check out the star of the CBC report’s webpage – Toronto Chickens.

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