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Where does your food come from? If you’re  like most North Americans, your first answer would be the Supermarket. For many people this is a satisfactory answer, but for those who have an understanding of  the relationship between food, oil, water, the economy and international trade, the answer is entirely unsatisfactory. Most of these people encourage all of us to change our eating habits to include more local produce, which, in many situations, due to the corporatization of agriculture into agri-business, is nearly impossible.

Kwantlen proposes new farm school

“The world’s food security is sitting on a pin head right now and could collapse at any time.”

What is the answer?


Local, even urban farming on small plots for a variety of locally sustainable fruit and vegetables, and the ability to raise animals for dairy, eggs, and meat. One University  in BC is taking a leading role in training people in these skills…

Instruction would be based on intensive farming on small plots, a heavy dependence on physical labour, ecological sustainability and meeting local market demands, including the food needs of ethnic and immigrant communities.“It’s human-scale agriculture, labour-intensive and production intensive,” said Kent Mullinix, a sustainable agriculture specialist at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Institute for Sustainable Horticulture.

Urban farming school takes root — City Farmer News.

Some people consider it quaint that my wife and I grow food, can and preserve everything and participated in a local grain project. We are by no means experts on any of this, but urban agriculture, particularly in the Kootenays, as remote as it is, makes sense.

What do you grow in your garden or urban farm?

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  1. It might be necessary for the rest of us to start growing our own food too soon, to know what we eat. Food from the supermarkets doesn’t seem the safest these days – at least not in Ireland.

    Dot-Coms last blog post..Food or no food

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