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I’ve been recently suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and am attempting to fins ways to minimize my mouse usage, which is tough when you spend most of your day at a computer. I’m getting better at keyboard shortcuts in many programs, but I’d really like to try out some voice recognition software, but I’m not sure if it is compatible or customizable to individual commands within specialized software, (like my stormwater modeling program). Has anyone tried Dragon Naturally Speaking? It sees to be the best of the bunch, and would be pretty good for writing documents and proposals.

Protect your hands, your wrists, even your eyes and create documents faster by voice than you can by typing with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 from Nuance.

I achieved a voice transcription rate of 160 words per minute with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 9

I’d love to hear from anyone with some experience with the product or it’s equivalents!

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