Walmart Worker Dies in Black Friday Stampede

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Scenes such as this, where a store clerk, probably on minimum wage, is trampled to death by a mob of greedy consumers…

Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

Wal-Mart spokesman Dave Tovar called the incident a “tragic situation.” “The safety and security of our customers and associates is our top priority,” Tovar said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families at this difficult time.”

Before police shut down the store, eager shoppers streamed past emergency crews as they worked furiously to save the store clerk’s life. “They were working on him, but you could see he was dead, said Halcyon Alexander, 29. “People were still coming through.”

Only a few stopped.

“They’re savages,” said shopper Kimberly Cribbs, 27. “It’s sad. It’s terrible.”

This occurs with a manufactured (store imposed) shortage of goods, on Black Friday – the day after America expresses their gratitude for cheap goods. Will these scenes be replayed when there is a real shortage of goods during the impending long emergency that James Howard Kunstler envisages?


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3 replies on “Walmart Worker Dies in Black Friday Stampede”

  1. Supporters of these mad rush sales would say that it is good to generate hype over ridiculously cheap goods to stimulate the economy – and that this was just a set of unfortunate circumstances. Your comparison with the future is bleak – but no one said it would remain easy to get food or other goods.

  2. Why is this news? Symbolic? yes, unique? no.
    In 2001 Worksafe BC says there were 168 work-related deaths. Most never make the news – yet these are in your and my community.
    These people and others around the world die for our consumer needs and greed.

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