We’re Home

We’re back home now after a round trip of almost 1600km to Whistler and back. We traveled through snow storms, rain, hail; past Black Bears, Whitetail Deer, Osprey, waterfalls, turquoise lakes, frozen lakes; steep windy mountain roads, avalanches, stepping on cacti, dodging nosy bears (we think it was a bear anyway), and back home to a lush green garden. Tonight (6pm) we saw a very brown bear in our neighbor’s yard, we’re not sure if it was a small grizzly or a (brown) black bear. 

Seton Lake

Check out the above image of Seton Lake as a full-sized panorama image by clicking on it.

Black Bear

This was a bear we saw by the side of the road.

Below is the trip as seen on Google Maps.

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It’s great to be home.