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What’s your Interview Question?

 What’s the one question you most hate to be asked in a job interview? As if you’re not nervous enough,then suddenly you get asked the question…

Manager Tools discusses the “tell us your weakness” interview question.

Since we recommended Anne Fisher’s Ask Annie Column in this space earlier this year, I feel obligated to urge you to ignore her latest column, “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”

While most interviewing advice that gets published is rubbish, this is particularly bad rubbish, because so many folks want to know the secret to this question.  It’s not hard…

 but it is not what is recommended in the article.  For instance:

“Next time you’re stumped…try steering the conversation toward another topic.”

Rubbish. Interviewers do NOT like this tactic.  Try it twice and we will politely end an interview.  When we ask a question, we expect an answer to OUR question, not the answer YOU want to give us.  No offense, but this is just lame.

Source: Manager Tools » Blog Archive » Exceptionally Bad Advice

Manager Tools is one of my favorite weekly podcasts, I haven’t been over to the website often, so I started subscribing to their feed as well as the podcast. If you are a manger, or aspire to be one, check out the candid, step by step rules and tools these guys offer the world for free.

Mike Thomas

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