Whistler has had a ban on the use of pesticides on municipal properties for a number of years, but now Council has taken the step to move the ban to all properties in Whistler. As usual, Whistler is at the forefront of defining themselves against and far above the status quo. With only twelve other municipalities in BC with similar bylaws in progress or adopted, this is a great step forward.

Whistler Bans Pesticide Use – CivicInfo BC – News

Bylaw 1822, 2007 will take effect immediately for all property or portion of property within the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s boundaries, and on private lands as of December 31, 2008. Only those permitted pesticides listed within the Provincial Integrated Pest Management Regulation will be exempted from this regulation and approved for ongoing use. Anyone who applies pesticides is potentially affected, including homeowners, renters, landscape professionals and yard care companies, and contravention could mean a $250 fine.

One has to ask themselves, is a bottle of Roundup worth the $250 fine? I think most residents would agree that this is a good incentive to comply.

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Published by Mike Thomas

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