I must use Google about 50 times a day for searching things: products, reference material, shops, directions, images. You name it, Google will generally deliver the goods, so to speak. I’m not alone in my quest for knowledge at the fount of Google, Nielson reported that Google holds a 49.2% share of the more than 60 search engine sites, averaging a total of 5.6 billion searches in August 2006. And that’s why I focus on Google.

Unfortunately, Google is only as smart as the content that it crawls on the big bad world wide web and the algorithms that it uses to sort through the junk to find the best content, then delivery it in search results for people to use. For most search queries on Google, people will find what they are looking for within the first two, maybe three pages of results.

What does this mean for your company?

371447397_83424bf18b_mIs your company web ready? Have you done any work on your website in the past month? read the following to see where your site fits in…

  • You don’t have a company website, or have one that is not optimized for search engines like Google. People are not going to find your company online. It is as simple as that.
  • Your company website consists of only directions, contact details and opening hours. Google will not even give you a second look, and your customers may find it hard to find you.
  • Your company website has some information about what you do, services offered, you might gain some points on the Google ladder. Do you know where you sit on the ladder for relevant keywords such as, “bakery nelson BC”?
  • If your website is search engine optimized, (SEO), you have regularly updated, searchable content, such as a blog and you have relevant keywords appropriately placed throughout the content, you will be in Google’s, and therefore your client’s good books.

Search engine hits convert into sales or service enquiries, and if you are not in the first two pages of results for relevant searches that your clients might be asking Google, you are missing out on a large percentage of potential clients.

As an example, today through my website tracking software, Performancing Metrics, I discovered that for someone searching for “sustainable engineering companies“, my website UrbanWorkbench (as of writing this article) is in the number one position (under a sponsored link) on google.com, and on google.ca it’s in the number eight position. And of the seven results ahead of mine, most of them are from the University of British Columbia, or the Canadian Department of Natural Resources.


For a similar search, admittedly more narrow in focus, “engineering in the kootenays” my site holds positions 3 and 4 behind two articles about local consultants published on www.investkootenay.com. It’s great that they have some exposure via this site, but wouldn’t it be better if they had their actual websites as that first and second place in the search results?

Why This Annoys the Heck out of Me

375190767_189c71efa6_m I don’t own or run a sustainable engineering company, (sometimes I wish I did, but that’s another story!), and I love the fact that I’m getting visitors off this search phrase, but come on! Surely there are companies out there that better represent what it means to be a sustainable engineering company. The companies that do best represent such a search term, should spend a bit of money to get their sites up to scratch with SEO.

I didn’t pay anyone to get my website at the top in searches relevant to my site, I wrote content that is relevant to the search terms and use a content management system (CMS) to organize my pages and articles into a format that search engines, (and a lot of people) like. I’ve set up my site ready to convert to a professional site if required, but at the moment, I’m running it as a personal/professional blog about Engineering, Design, and Sustainability.

As a Google user, I want the best companies to have the best relevant content, so that Google can sort the sheep from the goats so to speak. Content such as this blog has it’s place in providing news, articles and opinion, but this type of content, relevant to the field your company operates in, could be on your blog, increasing you search engine rankings as you go.

What Can You Do Today

125-125Or in the next couple of weeks  :-)….

Do you want to increase your company’s profile and ranking in Google? Try these suggestions…

  1. Scrap you existing static site;
  2. Start a Blog or at least a search engine optimized site with a CMS like Drupal, then go back to point 1; 
  3. Signup for Google’s Local Business Centre, to get your company’s location mapped for search results like “bakery nelson BC”
  4. Buy The SEO Book by Aaron Wall;
  5. Read CopyBlogger for some great tips on content;
  6. Sign up for Performancing Metrics statistics package; and
  7. Enjoy some newly discovered, internet savvy Clients.

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Published by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas P.Eng. ENV SP, is the author of UrbanWorkbench.com and Director of Engineering at the City of Revelstoke in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.

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