Almost a Winter Harvest

Our experiment to leave some crops in the ground failed pretty miserably so far. Just when we needed to feed the masses, I went out to the garden, dug down through the snow, then through the hay… and struck rock hard frozen soil. I actually pried out a carrot that was about 3 inches diameter, but it looked like I’d run over it with the wheelbarrow a few too many times.

There is a fairly good warm patch happening right now, I might have to head out again in the rain to see if we’ve had any thawing of the ground and try to salvage some of the carrots, rutabaga and beets that are suffering out there.

It is all a learning experience – keep reminding myself that.

1 thought on “Almost a Winter Harvest”

  1. Exactly our experience over on this side of the hill too. The children are unable to dig the carrots out of the frozen ground though I didn’t get them mulched so my bad. My uncle swears by this method though so I will give it another go. I have to admit that we don’t have any snow, it has just been raining and raining. Good thing is that I can bike!!

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