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How many hours do you work a week? This question is buzzing around the blogosphere at the moment, following a post by Mike from Freshbooks about the hours he works as an entrepreneur.


First up, cause it’s worth understanding who this guy is, what’s Freshbooks?

FreshBooks is an online invoicing and time tracking service that saves you time and makes you look professional – Fortune 500 professional. FreshBooks is easy to use and you can try it for free.

Online billing is a pretty simple way to keep track of hours done, invoices and payments, and Mike has done a great job with this tool that even has a free version.

Working Week

Now back to the hours Mike works (with a surprise at the end)…

How Long is Your Work Week?

I believe that you need to be refreshed to be effective. When I first started out seven years ago as a solo consultant/freelancer/web designer – a true one man shop, jack of all trades – there were times when I worked too much…

So how long is my work week these days? I usually get to my desk around 8:00 AM and leave around 7:00 PM. While I sometimes arrive earlier or later, I rarely work past 7:00 PM. I think it is important to have a clear and consistent end to your workday. So, I work about 11 hours per day (55 hours per week). Now, that does not include…

Click through on the link to see his daily routine, it’s busy!


But there is one comment that is extremely detailed and starts like this…

I always tell people that the work ethic of entrepreneurs in the IT world is to be admired. I started off as a small business owner (not IT related) and now I run 2 stores and employ 61 people. I suppose I’m still considered a small business owner but I started out with only 3 employees.

In the beginning, I worked roughly 50-60 hours/week and it was a real pain. My problem was that I handled virtually every aspect of the business. I quickly learned that it was vital, both to my business and to my health, to delegate various important responsibilities to others.


I am now at a point where I hardly work at all. In a sense I’m still running the show. I make most of the big decisions and I make sure I’m up-to-date with all the key aspects of the business but I don’t need to micromanage the daily tasks anymore.

My Work Week:

3 hrs – Reviewing reports and getting up to speed
2 hrs – Touching base with key clients & partners
2 hrs – Checking up on the stores & socializing with employees.

7 hrs – Total

How Long is Your Work Week?

Click through to check out his schedule, he breaks it down by day. Too bad he didn’t leave a link to a blog or something.

Is it possible to work so few hours and still run a business effectively?

via Web Worker Daily.

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