Writing by Hand

Sometimes you just need to take out your favourite pen and write.

UntitledThis is how I felt at lunchtime today, so I walked to Starbucks, remembering my pens, iPhone and e-reader, but upon sitting down, I realized that I had forgotten an essential piece of technology, my journal.

So, taking a deep breath and a sip of Americano, I read. Not the outcome I was looking for, but satisfying in it’s own right. In this information-soaked age, it is almost impossible to be more than a couple of steps away from something that can rapidly deliver information and/or entertainment. And, perhaps as a result, most people have lost the art of writing out their thoughts or a letter, and even those with the skills find it hard to make the time for these soothing activities.

Almost no-one writes by hand anymore, particularly not in cursive, the very act almost counter cultural, not in some strange Winsten-esque 1984 moment, but more an act of patience and deliberative effort in an age of speed and information overload. Take some time out from your busy day, grab a nice pen and some good writing paper and write out some of your story – it could be good for your soul.

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