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To set the scene, a dump right next to an airport – imagine the birds feasting on all the food waste floating around at the dump, now think of the risk to planes flying in and out…

City councillors in Yellowknife say they may have no choice but to cull ravens and seagulls feeding at and flying over the city landfill. Council revisited the bird cull proposal Monday night, after recent efforts to scare away the feathered feeders with noisemakers failed.The city dump is near the Yellowknife airport. Transport Canada, which regulates the airport, has expressed concern with too many birds in the area posing the risk of birds colliding with aircraft and putting passengers and crew in danger.

“The waste that we’ve created inevitably has led us to this point where we now have a conflict between public safety at the airport and, obviously, the right of these natural creatures to live,” Coun. Kevin Kennedy told CBC News at Monday’s meeting.

Source: Yellowknife council mulls bird cull at city dump

Meanwhile, Yellowknife airport manager Steve Loutitt said staff there have long had the right to shoot birds when they threaten the safety of airplanes.

“That’s the last resort. We try a lot of other methods prior to destroying any birds,” Loutitt said.

“We do several patrols every day, especially throughout the summer months, and we have propane canons set up around the airport. We also have bird-scare pistols, and we go out with our personnel, and we scare the birds away from the active runways.”

Source: Don’t shoot sacred birds at city dump, N.W.T. elder urges Yellowknife

The problem is not the airport, the birds  or the dump, it is what we are putting into the dump. Deal with the source, not the symptoms! Unreal. Have Yellowknife Council not heard of composting?

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